Frequently Asked Questions

1)How will you treat me?

We usually treat with oral medication consisting of herbal and herbomineral medicines in tablet form; powders are used only rarely. For small children, we provide herbal medicines in tablet form so as to clarify the dosage. The medicines can be powdered and then administered mixed with honey.

If required, we also make use of Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedures. We provide simplified instructions such that most of these procedures can be done at home; however, you can utilize the services of any local Panchkarma clinic.

2) Do I have to come personally for a consultation? Do I need to get admitted to your hospital?

We do not have an in-patient facility; we provide out-patient treatment to be taken at your home. As regards a direct and personal consultation, it is always the best and most preferred mode of medical consultation. However, most of our clients are situated abroad or are too seriously ill to physically come to our clinic for a personal consultation. The next preferred option – in this scenario – is for some close relative to visit our clinic with all reports for a face-to-face discussion of all treatment options. If even this is not possible or feasible, we ask for a detailed medical history and scanned copies of all medical reports to be sent to us online. We review these details and then provide information regarding duration and cost of treatment along with details of the degree of expected improvement. All personal consultation at our clinic is only after prior appointment by email or on phone. We have successfully sent Ayurvedic medicines throughout India and to most major countries abroad. It would be pertinent to mention here that all medicines sent are only as per the prescription of our treating physician; we provide treatment, we do not sell over-the-counter medicines.

3) How can I start treatment/and/or make payment for treatment?

For relevant details, kindly refer to the section “Start Treatment” on our website

4) Do you prescribe or dispense medicines?

We routinely dispense medicines to all our clients both within India and abroad. Giving out a prescription has not worked for the following reasons: Most clients, both in India and abroad, are unable to get all the prescribed medicines from outside. Many a time, they purchase a medicine with the same name but having totally different ingredients, properties and uses. Several clients misuse the prescription for self-medication or cross-medication without realizing that all patients require regular follow-up and periodical assessments, with appropriate and timely treatment modifications, in order to get the maximum possible benefit from treatment. Periodical rotation of medicines is necessary both to maintain a positive therapeutic effect as well as to avoid possible side effects of medications. Patients (both local as well as from abroad) are frequently unaware of this and – by resorting to self-medication – expose themselves to a failure of treatment as well as unnecessary side-effects of treatment.

5) Do you manufacture the medicines which you dispense? I am concerned about the quality of Ayurvedic medicines and/or the presence of heavy metals in Ayurvedic medicines.

We do not have a manufacturing unit and therefore routinely use medicines manufactured by Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies. We carefully select good quality and time tested and effective medicines of companies which have been around since several decades. In order to be assured of quality, we routinely select medicines at random and send these for quality control testing at our own expense. For specific projects, we get medicines manufactures as per our requirements. Ordering medicines from multiple companies gives us great versatility and flexibility while treating all diseases.

In order to avoid the heavy metal content controversy, we routinely use herbal and/or herbomineral combinations which do not have any heavy metal content. Medicines with heavy metal content are used very rarely and sparingly only if absolutely indicated, for saving life or for treating very serious diseases with a known serious outcome. In these rare instances, the potential treatment benefit far outweighs any possible short term drug toxicity.

6) Do I need to stop the allopathic (modern) medicines that I am currently taking?

Most of our clients suffer from serious or multiple medical problems and are already on multiple drug therapy from physicians of different specialties. Sudden cessation of such therapy may result in an unwanted medical emergency. Kindly continue all medication as advised. Undesirable toxic modern medicines can be gradually tapered off slowly once our Ayurvedic treatment is commenced and treatment benefit becomes apparent. However, all such decisions should be made by your treating physicians and not by you.

Please also note that our patients – in the last three decades – have concurrently continued both Allopathic (modern) as well as Ayurvedic medicines without any significant, undesirable cross reactions. It is also important to continue to remain under the regular supervision of your treating physicians, so that any untoward medical emergency may be treated in an appropriate and timely manner.

7) Is your Ayurvedic treatment safe for children/adults even for long-term use?

As mentioned above, we mostly try to use only herbal medicines which have a huge safety margin and can be safely used even for prolonged periods. For patients who suffer from very chronic and/or /refractory diseases, we prefer to do periodical testing for routine blood tests as well as tests for heart, lungs, kidney and liver function to positively rule out any side effects from Ayurvedic treatment.

8) How will I know that I will get cured or improve with your treatment? Have you treated similar patients before? Can I contact such patients to learn about their experiences?

We have provided authentic patient experiences in the “Testimonials” section of our website; this will give you some degree of confidence regarding the efficacy of our treatment. Please note, however, that treatment response can be different from person to person depending upon the severity of the medical condition and the individual response of each patient to the medicines. We therefore prefer tailor-made treatment protocols for each patient.

Please note that we have to respect the confidentiality of all our clients and we therefore cannot give out contact or personal details of any client without his/her written permission. Moreover, it has been our experience in the last several years that most clients are unwilling to give out their personal or contact details on the website, for various reasons. In order to work out a practical solution in this scenario, we have tried to include as many testimonials on our website as possible without compromising on patient confidentiality.

Please also note that we have a record of consistently and successfully handling very serious, refractory and rare diseases with safe Ayurvedic treatment.

9) In how much time will I see improvement in my condition?

This will be communicated to you after reviewing your reports and preferably after physically examining you. Please note that this can at best be a rough estimate, and treatment results may vary considerably from patient to patient.

10) A large number of websites offering online alternative treatments claim cure of several diseases within a few days or weeks. Why do I not see such claims on your website?

Most such claims can be misleading or exaggerated. Many such treatments may usually lead to no results, or may even cause some unwanted serious side effects. We try to be scientific, accurate and honest in our treatment approach. It is important to have realistic goals while treating diseases for which there is currently no known treatment or cure. Treatment should prevent further deterioration, arrest the progress of the disease, reduce suffering, improve quality of life, and help improve overall long-term survival. Moreover, such treatments should be safe for long term use, and results should be reproducible, that is, results should be apparent in at least 60-70 % of treated patients. Once these conditions are fulfilled, the next logical step would then be moving forward for establishing a complete cure. We therefore maintain a guarded approach while discussing treatment for serious diseases with no currently known cure.