Dr. A. A. Mundewadi, B.A.M.S., is a practicing Ayurvedic physician since the last 30 years. He is a graduate of R. A. Podar Medical (Ayurvedic) College, Worli, Mumbai, India. During this period of 30 years, he has obtained considerable experience in the clinical treatment of a vast array of patients.

Ayurveda, basically means, a “Science of Life”, and involves maintaining the health of healthy persons, and treating sick patients. Dr. Mundewadi has studied and experienced extensively all the principles of Ayurveda, involving a healthy life-style, diet regimes, body-cleansing through Panch-karma procedures, and treatment with herbal and herbo-mineral compounds.

In addition to his background in Ayurveda, Dr. Mundewadi has also studied the therapeutic effects of Reiki (he is a 3rd degree Reiki Master), Acupuncture (he has done a basic and an advanced course in Acupuncture), Hypnotherapy and Magneto-therapy. His current style of clinical practice is a culmination of his experience with all these different treatment modalities.

Dr. Mundewadi has been doing clinical research work since the last 15 years. He has published his findings of herbal treatment of HIV / AIDS in 55 patients in the Bombay Hospital Journal, Mumbai, India in the July 2005 issue. He has also successfully completed a clinical trial of herbal extract medicines in Schizophrenia compared to modern anti-psychotics, in 200 patients, the results of which have been published in the Bombay Hospital Journal, Mumbai, India in the July 2008 issue. He has also conducted preliminary studies of Ayurvedic herbal extracts in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Vascular Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Mental Retardation, and Tobacco and Alcohol Dependence. He also has a special interest in the herbal treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Stargardt’s Disease, Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR), Optic Atrophy, and different types of Cancer.

Of late, Dr. Mundewadi has been working extensively with neurodegenerative diseases like Spino-Cerebellar Ataxia, Huntington’s Disease, Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). His treatment protocol has been making major roadways into the successful and definitive treatment of hearing loss.


Mundewadi Ayurvedic Clinic is 30 years old and is basically dedicated to the practice of Ayurveda. Over the years, we have experimented with various treatment modalities including Reiki, Acupuncture, Magnetotherapy and Hypnotherapy. We have also practiced Ayurveda in its various forms, using Panchkarma (body-cleansing procedures), Sookshma therapy (Medicinal potentiation), Panchbhoutik therapy (using the principles of five basic elements) and Sapta-dhatu therapy (treating the seven body tissues).

With the rapid advances in technology and tele-communication, the world has become a global village, and, moving with the times, we have adapted our treatment strategy to suit universal needs.

Since the last 15 years, we have been treating patients using concentrated herbal water extracts (single herbs and herbal combinations), which are highly effective, user-friendly and have a huge safety profile. We use high quality tablets which are free from contaminants and heavy metals. It is our strong endeavor to have an evidence-based, safe and universally acceptable therapy.